HERBI (Hydrographical Electrical Resistivity and Bathymetry Imager) is our invention for imaging saturation and salinity of moisture in earth beneath waterways and water storages. It images at various depths and is capable of resolving layering, such as deposited silt and clay lining, as thin as 15cm thick near the bed. Further it can be augmented with bathymetric and survey apparatus for simultaneous waterway dimension measurement.

HERBI - towing mode of operation

HERBI – towing mode of operation.

HERBI was a finalist in ‘The Australian Innovation Challenge 2012?.

Please see the Waterborne page for application details. For extra detail on applications, values, versions, specifications and options see our Herbi Versions pdf document.

HERBI is available for survey, or for on-the-job training with option of subsequent purchase.

There is much potential for further development of HERBI capabilities that can be negotiated.

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