AgTEM (Agricultural Transient Electromagnetic system) is our invention for practical survey of hydrogeological properties of the earth to around 100m deep by imaging the geophysical property, electrical resistivity which is affected by ground moisture salinity and saturation and rock porosity among other factors.

2013 Prototype that fits in a garden trailer

Small AgTEM cart 2013 prototype

Its value is in its ability to rapidly image volumes of earth beneath agricultural and other relatively clear land. The level of detail in imagery resolves geomorphological features that can be further investigated with drilling and other techniques.

Please see the Land Based page for application details.

We offer AgTEM for survey or on-the-job training followed by option of purchase. Conventionally AgTEM will be supplied with Monex Geoscope TerraTEM but other combinations are possible to suit client preferences.

Currently a more compact air freight capable version is being developed and can be fast tracked upon request.

For low labour cost countries, substitution of the trailer with a loop simply carried by walking persons is possible and this means we can provide a solution requiring very minimal freight mobilization to difficult to access countries. This option is operated and processed as per normal AgTEM survey but the survey equipment is walked along rather than towed on the AgTEM trailer.

AgTEM is patented and a development and marketing partner is sought.

Walk towed Mat Receiver

Walk towed Mat Receiver

Walked 12x12m transmitter loop

Walked 12x12m transmitter loop

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