Documents of Interest

Robust 1D inversion of large towed geo-electric array datasets used for hydrogeological studies

Dr David Allen’s PhD thesis 2007- Electrical Conductivity imaging from Watercourses of the Murray Darling basin

Towed TEM survey using various loop configurations ASEG Paper 2013

Towed TEM for groundwater investigations – challenges and solutions ASEG Paper 2012

Water Seepage Investigation using Geo-electric streamers ASEG Paper 2012

AgTEM North Victorian farm example groundwater investigation report, 2013.

2007 paper – Various examples of waterborne ERT – saline inflow to the Murray at Mildura and Canal seepage in CICL

Geophysics for the Irrigation Industry – a book largely written by Dr David Allen and published by the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation.

Google Earth Compatibility

Download the our Google Earth Compatibility Tool to convert older KML files to compatibility with Version 6.1 (fixes source site location change, differences in Tuple delimiting and other discrepancies). ENSURE you change the extension from _exe to .exe before use and only use if you trust us as a source. Use at your own liability.

Recommended businesses

Hydrosimulations – Groundwater Modelling – NSW, Australia

Sustainable Water, Canterbury, New Zealand – Water storage and distribution

L-GM Earth Resistivity Meters used in our ERT and HERBI applications

Geophisik-Dr-Rauen writer of GeoTest geo-electric acquisition software

Monex Geoscope manufacturer of TerraTEM


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