About Dr David Allen

David Allen
has completed a research PhD at the National Centre for Groundwater Management, University of Technology, Sydney. David’s thesis topic is ‘Electrical Conductivity Imaging of Aquifers Connected to Watercourses – A thesis focused on the Murray Darling Basin, Australia’. Prior to conducting his PhD, David worked for 10 years with Geoterrex which became part of Fugro. There, he conducted geophysical surveys locating mineral and groundwater targets. He was awarded the 2004 National Program for Sustainable Irrigation/ANCID Travel Fellowship in order to report on hydro-geophysical technology useful to ANCID members. The report now is available as a book titled Irrigation Insights No.7. Geophysics for the Irrigation Industry.

David is focusing technology on major high security water saving projects involving managed aquifer recharge and recovery. He has conducted numerous surveys from canals and rivers that indicate suitable connected aquifers for fresh water storage.

David has several years experience surveying in internationally (Brazil, Peru, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Thailand and Chile) and speaks Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English.

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