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Options for deep 3D Modelled EM

High power focused mobile TEM transmitter

3D EM requires a multiplicity of EM soundings from an array of stationary or mobile digital sensors in conjunction with a moving focused TEM transmitter. GPS time stamping, precision positioning and orientation are now available to allow accurate construction of a 3D earth model. The new AgTEM mobile transmitter (50 Amps, 4 turns, 6500 A.m2) with its unparalleled mobility and stable Tx waveform, high moment, real‑time current monitoring for primary field corrections combined with dedicated purpose built distributed digital sensors with onboard data storage or streaming capabilities will provide a comprehensive 3DEM dataset. Full waveform processing including advanced noise rejection algorithms, considerable data stacking times and a multiplicity of signal paths leads to both exceptional exploration depth combined with lateral and vertical resolution. The AgTEM cart (with 1 or optionally 3 Tx components) combined with digital sensors from Monex GeoScope provide an ideal platform for 3D EM survey.