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  • AgTEM
    • Wallaby complete system
    • Wallaroo Complete system
    • Wallaroo handheld core structure for trekking only
    • Wallaroo wheeled support
    • Front loop and booms (for Wallaroo or Wallaby)
    • Walked receiver loop (Flag bearer support version)
    • Towed floppy mat receiver loop
    • Electronics
      1. Receiver
        • Receiver essential core
        • Receiver outer case housing batteries, computer, GPS and ventilation ducts
        • Backpack frame for receiver
      2. Transmitter
        • Water cooled version
        • Air cooled version
        • Backpack frame for transmitter
      3. GPS
        • Trimble NAV500 and GPX350 Navigation display
        • EOS Arrow Gold+
        • EMLid Reach RS2
      4. Test loops
        • 300 x 300 mm 10 turn receiver loop for bench testing
        • 300 x 300 mm 1 turn transmitter loop for bench testing
    • Transmitter loops
      1. Wallaroo 1 turn loop
      2. Wallaroo 2 turn loop
      3. Wallaby 2 turn loop
      4. Wallaby 5 turn loop
    • Wheels
      1. Balloon Wheels – large
      2. Balloon Wheels – small
      3. 24” solid tyre
      4. 24” inflated tyre with Tannus Armour
    • Shipping Boxes
      1. AgTEM Wallaroo shipping box
      2. Electronics shipping box
      3. AgTEM Wallaroo shipping box
      4. AgTEM Wallaroo wheeled support shipping boxes
    • Batteries and chargers
      1. 7AmpHr 12.8V LiFePO4 batteries – can be carried in aircraft
      2. Case of six 800mAmpHr chargers for 7AmpHr batteries
      3. 100AmpHr 12.8V LiFePO4 batteries with air freight paperwork
      4. 100AmpHr 25.6V LiFePO4 batteries
      5. Large LiFePO4 chargers with energy meters
    • Float trailers and road transport
      1. AgTEM Wallaby lightweight quick deployment float trailer
      2. AgTEM Wallaby and RTV enclosed trailer
      3. AgTEM Wallaroo and Swincar in an enclosed trailer
      4. AgTEM Wallaroo and Swincar enclosed in a delivery van
      5. AgTEM Wallaroo in a box trailer
      6. AgTEM Wallaroo on a roofrack mount
  • HERBI - Hydrographic Electrical Resistivity & Bathymetry Imager
    • PlatypusUSV - Unmanned Survey Vessel
      1. Platypus USV core
      2. Propulsion attachment with T200 thrusters
      3. Propulsion attachment with T500 thrusters
      4. Radio control equipment
      5. Full autonomy facilitation – by referral
      6. Towing USV nose
      7. Telescopic hook USV towing rope assistant
      8. Pickup attached fold out boom for towing USV on channels
      9. 18 to 36 AmpHr LiFePO4 batteries and chargers
      10. 2nd vehicle for leap frog survey operations – avoid walk back on channels
    • Manned boat and motor
      1. Dual hull high stability Polyethylene Tuff-Tender
      2. 3.5HP motor – outboard
      3. 5HP motor – outboard and separate fuel tank
      4. Box trailer with boat mount and swing-hoist for launching anywhere
      5. Sit on kayak with outrigger and motor mount
      6. Sonar and GPS mounting apparatus
      7. Safety equipment – life jackets, bailer, paddles, licences
    • Streamer for Electrical Resistivity Tomography under water
      1. 20m submerged neutral buoyancy – tow with T200 thrusters
      2. 40m streamer – 8 focus depths from 0.15m to 6m
      3. 20m streamer leader with chain and dragged weight for water deeper than 4m
      4. 100m floating streamer
      5. Custom streamer manufacture using injection moulding
    • Sonar
      1. Ceescope 100 and transducer and DGPS antenna
        • Download PPK centimeter accuracy DGPS corrections from CORS network and post process
      2. Blue Robotics rotating sonar – for full channel cross sections
      3. Ceescope Engineering transducer – narrow focused beam
      4. Ohmex SonarM8 
  • Towing Vehicles
    • Landrover Defender TDi5
    • Isuzu dMax
    • Argo
    • SwinCar
    • Kubuta RTV
  • Work health and safety
    • Visibility flag
    • Flashing beacon
    • Mine compliance vehicle modification
    • Recovery gear – boards, high lift jack, shovel, strap pack
    • Satellite phones
    • EPIRB or modern equivalent
    • SWMS, JSA, WHS paperwork system
    • WHS qualifications and medicals
  • Bore water sampling
    • Bennett submersible piston sampling pump
    • Monsoon 40m lift submersible sampling pump
    • Groundwater test kits
    • Water EC meter
    • Electronic SWL sampling 100m tape measure
    • Down hole EC temperature and depth logger
  • Fabrication capability and stock
    • Solidworks structural design in aluminium, plastic and composites
    • 3-axis CNC milling of plastic
    • Low pressure injection moulding of electrodes on cables
    • Exel stock of fibreglass sheet and extrusions
    • Polycarbonate sheet
    • Exel System 30 tubes and fittings
    • Spectra low strain rope
    • Anderson connectors
    • Milspec connectors
    • Binder connectors
    • Electronics integration
    • Laser range finder sensors
  • Downhole survey equipment
    • Downhole logging system rental from Impax
      1. Mt Sopris Winch 300m
      2. Mt Sopris controller and software
      3. Gamma probe
      4. Single point resistivity probe
    • 700m downhole winch 4 core wired for Mt Sopris controller
    • 700m downhole winch without cable
    • Hand winch – 4 core
    • Dummy probes
    • Tripod to fit 700m winches
    • Generator to drive winches
  • Water storage meters and pipe meters
    • Validation of pipe and storage meter installations CMI, DQP, CSV
    • ML417M1 New South Wales Flood Plain Harvesting compliant ‘Local Intelligence Device’ (LID) logger/modem for water storage level sensing.
    • STS (Sirnach Switzerland) PTM/M/SDI-12 Water pressure
    • Keller-Druck 36XiW-CDT: Water pressure and salinity (used to separate seepage from evaporation in a water balance at little extra cost)
    • Keller-Druck 36XiW: Water pressure
    • In Situ Level TROLL: Water pressure plus independent logger
    • Vega VegaPuls C 21: Radar (option suitable if there is a walkway)
    • Seametrics CT2X Conductivity Depth temperature SDI12 sensor: This sensor supplies salinity change data for separating seepage from evaporation in a water balance at a little extra cost
    • Gauge Board sets and posts
    • Installation procedure for sensors in reservoirs filled with water but no walkways.
  • Moisture monitoring
    • YDOC 417 logger/modem, SIM card, hosting, and web portal
    • Satellite modems – Iridium
    • Satellite modems – SWARM
    • Internal logging without telemetry
    • AquaCheck Volumetric moisture percentage capacitance probes 200mm to 1200mm
    • Soil suction sensors – gypsum block design
    • 25mm and 32mm diameter augers for probe installation
  • Time-lapse resistivity for moisture and salinity monitoring
    • Direct burial time-lapse DC-Electrical-Resistivity-Tomography cables
    • Lippmann Earth Resistivity Meter
    • ActEle16 Active electrode switching interface
    • Terra-Trencher for cable burial
    • Time-lapse ERT imaging and graphical data management software
    • Prong-frame for soil depth ERT done while walking
    • Towed ‘sausage string’ streamers for use on irrigators
    • Dragged tine array ERT from agricultural implements – remotely managed.
    • Soil moisture push rod solutions to moisture mapping
  • Infiltration rate measurement
    • Single Ring Infiltrometers with subsurface measurement of wetting front
    • SPOT seepage indicators
    • Weighed bag seepage meters
    • Water balances
  • Sludge and soil coring
    • Sludge sampler with extension rods for underwater sludge sampling – plus 2” diameter clear plastic tubes
    • Permeability sampler arrays for 2” tube samples – for high permeability sampling only.
    • Soil corer/sampler
    • Petrol powered soil augers 25mm to 300mm diameter
    • Hand augers 25mm and 32mm diameter
  • FDEM Soil salinity, texture and moisture imaging
    • FDEM8 large separation low cost Frequency Domain EM instrument for stop-go walked operation
    • Geonics EM31 and EM38 soil surveys – outsourced
    • DualEM soil surveys – outsourced
    • Fabrication of robust high-productivity carts for accurate FDEM survey
    • Research and Development for time-lapse FDEM soil imaging at multiple depths.
  • Ground penetrating Radar
    • Sensors and Software Noggin GPR cart and logger/display
    • Sensors and Software processing software
    • 250MHz antenna
    • 500MHz antenna
    • GPS antenna and data feed
  • Gravity Meter for deep soil and rock density mapping
    • Lacoste and Romberg Gravity Meter and base plate – kept at stable temperature
    • Post processed Kinematic GPS
  • Software
    • ResImage – our internal imaging package
      1. Process towed streamer resistivity data
      2. Process AgTEM data (also requires Aarhus workbench)
      3. Forward model sets of resistivity responses
      4. Process and filter GPS and Sonar data
      5. Characterize sludge using full waveform sonar
      6. Output resistivity models in Google Earth in 2D worms and 3D ribbons
      7. Corrections for movement noise and antenna offsets
      8. Interactive graphical data cleaning facilities for removing cultural feature affected data.
      9. Interface with Aarhus Workbench, Res2Dinv and Golden Software Surfer
      10. Time lapse ERT imaging and data management software
    •  Aarhus Workbench – towed TEM support
    • Res2DInv Electrical Resistivity Tomography software
    • Geotest ERT acquisition software
    • Golden Software Surfer
    • Solidworks
Delphi development, Steema graphing components, DevArt database components and other RS232 communication components.