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Rentals and 2nd hand purchase

Groundwater Imaging have acquired a diverse range of geophysical and hydrographical equipment that may be rented out, resold or utilized by us to conduct your surveys. David Allen has extensive experience with all this equipment and can train new users. Equipment includes:

1. TerraTEM

(with accelerated transmitter, simultaneous 3 component operation and continuous acquisition support). This can be augmented by various coils and wire. An external 32 Amp transmitter may be used with this instrument for higher power.

2. Sensors and Software Noggin GPR with 250 and 500 MHz antennae.

Noggin GPR detecting subsurface utilities.

3. Cee Hydrosystems Ceescope 100

Cee Hydrosystems Ceescope 100 sonar and post processed kinematic GPS (via CORS). Other sonar gear also is in our inventory including Ohmex Sonar M8 and Sonarmite.

4. Lippmann 4-point light earth resistivity meters

Lippmann 4-point light earth resistivity meters, cables, electrodes and active electrode switch boxes (1 channel and 16 channel).

5. Trimble AgGPS114, NAV500, GFX350, corrections subscription and other GPS and loggers.
6. Lacoste and Romberg Gravity meter (maintained on charge) with accessories. Use with our PPK GPS equipment.
7. ABEM and Lund resistivity equipment (8 channel) two systems.
8. Argo amphibious 6×6 vehicle with crush protection bar.
9. Sub-water sediment and sludge coring tools and permeameter
10. Aquacheck capacitance probe, Watermark GbLite and GbHeavy moisture sensors
11. Schlumberger Diver Depth/Salinty/EC/Temp pocket sized probe/logger and separate barometer/logger.
12. Greenspan EC/temp/salinity probe, pressure/depth probe, pH probe and loggers. Other pressure probes.
13. Downhole logging winches of various capacities and in various states of repair.
14. Boats, outboard motors (3hp, 3.5hp, 5hp, and 15hp) and vehicles.