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Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) is conducted by injecting electricity into the ground to resolve variations in the ground electrical resistivity – or its inverse – electrical conductivity. It does this by detecting voltage differences across multiple combinations of electrodes. Application is limited by the need to physically contact the ground with every electrode and by the resolution reduction that occurs with increasing distance from electrodes. Groundwater Imaging have a thorough technical knowledge of ERT and have custom designed systems for many applications. Many companies use off the shelf default configuration equipment to conduct useful surveys yet often there is greater potential available from custom application. Our custom applications have included: the HERBI waterborne systems used with PlatypusUSV and manned boats, our prong frame for rapid GPS located transects of soil layering sounding and mise-a-la-masse detection of moisture pathways through dam walls. We seek interest in co-development of ERT on agricultural machinery for time lapse soil moisture imaging.

DC Electrical Resistivity Tomography Download