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Soil profiling from a spray rig

Soil profiling from a spray rig – every time it moves

Farm machinery mounted soil moisture profiling and mapping equipment with telemetry using electrical conductivity changes to map change at many depths across entire paddocks.

As of 2023 this is a highly recommended development project. If completed it is appropriate for us to also seek funding from bodies such as GRDC or CRDC for development work – this is the sort of development we like to do and with which we are experienced.

The OFCP rebate may cover major costs – given here with rebates:

Earth Resistivity Meter $4715
ActEle switchboxes $1230
Streamer $2600
Streamer mount $2400
GPS $280
Run Time Unit $850

If just shallow mapping is preferred with less complication then towing an electromagnetic instrument may be preferable and rebated costs could be:

Geonics EM38-4 $23155
Protective housing $2068
GPS $280
Run Time Unit $850

Note that to be eligible, these systems must be connected to the internet and automated as they operate so that the spray rig operator need do no more than turn the system on and off.